The Yarn Room
We were approached by a yarncraft distributor in South Africa looking for help with a tricky situation. She had built up her store, The Yarn Room, on the foundation of another hand-dyed yarn brand she was creating called Loopy #6. There was an immediate need for the store's branding to "leapfrog" over the hand-dyed yarn's branding in order to make a clear distinction between the unique values of either brand.

Through a series of brand strategy and business development exercises, we were able to clarify who their ideal customer was while building systems that would satisfy those customers completely. This resulted in a mission statement to help guide the company along.

The Yarn Room provides pioneering yarncraft goods to adventurous customers with a  welcoming passion, helping them find inspiration on their crafting journey.

After thorough discussion about the final visual direction we would take the identity, we created and presented the following mark...
The logo was designed to merge two concepts:
The Room & The World.
Through her travels, The Yarn Room's owner curates world-class yarn goods for her customers backs home. We wanted the brand illustrate this, and decided to build a brand identity that merges the the aesthetic of stamp, referencing postcards and passports, with the aesthetic of a blueprint, referencing the room and the owner's past as an architect.

This concept conveniently resulted in a mark that can be easily "redecorated," much like a room, to fit a wide array of applications.
Finally, a tagline and hand-written font was selected to tie together the concept. Following the format of a gift tag while echoing the sentiment of a journey traveled, we settled on...

from ours, to yours
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