Michael Miracles Yoga
Aetoric Design was approached by a yoga instructor who was interested in solidifying his personal brand and focusing his efforts on social platforms. Through a series of brand strategy and business development exercises, we developed a branding that would help Michael focus his message and simplify his visual communication to potential clients. 
We compiled three visual directions derived from an analysis of other yogis and yoga brands under the context established in our exercises. Using these documents, a discussion took place in which a consensus was reached on the style of the brand identity.
*Images above obscured to preserve the rights of their respective artists.
The logo, color scheme, and photo treatment above make up the foundation of Michael Miracle's brand identity, providing us a with a simple, yet impactful template.
Our branding efforts went beyond a visual identity system.

We developed a content strategy for his Instagram account that solidified production, management, and scheduling tactics. With these standards in place, Michael was empowered to enforce quality control and grow his followers and engagement.
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